Could Mondays Change Your Life?

Here’s a quick exercise to help you make this week really count!

It’s Monday, most people are back from holiday, schools are back, the traffic is flowing fast and furiously again and soon the shops will be full of seasonal delights! Time passes pretty fast, doesn’t it?

So make this week count. Don’t let it pass you by in a haze of things you always do. Don’t live the next seven days without thought. Take about 30 minutes out of your schedule now to think about something you can do each day of this coming week which will either enhance the quality of your life, or the life of someone else. They don’t need to be big things, nothing dramatic, but they do need to be things you have given some thought to.

Actions Speak louder Than Thoughts!

For example, you may decide to send a delightful card to cheer someone who is unwell? Or you may decide to find out just what is your position re a sabbatical from work? Or you may buy a bunch of flowers for someone who helped you last week? Sign up for a class which will give you an edge in your field? Work out how much you really need to live on? Plan in some time to discuss your future with your partner? Actually read that self help book? Give it a little thought and jot the seven actions down – writing helps reinforce intention.

And in amongst the seven, there may be one small thing you do which may set you off on a brand new, exciting path. Maybe, just maybe, this week will be a significant date for you when you didn’t just do what you’ve always done….and changed your life!

Do share any thoughts with us!


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