Colour Your Workplace & Be More Positive!

I have always wondered why so many office spaces tend to major on grey for their equipment?

And why people who like colour and objects of fun in their work space are often regarded as lightweight and frivolous? And if, because these tend to be women, the dismissal is because of that, as men originally called the shots on workplace design and still do. The world of work, in the main, has been designed primarily by men, on all levels. And we women may thrive better in a different environment.

Right Brain/Left Brain

We know that an injection of colour into our lives can aid our creativity and problem solving capacities  Just by doing a so called ‘left brain’* activity with coloured pencils, i.e. making a list of tasks, we are making better use of our problem solving capacity (think mind-mapping). And what business doesn’t want to get the best out of their staff? To give them the best environment to shine? To make best use of all their talents?

Your Space

When I became self employed and had the opportunity to design my own space I tried to put into practice everything I know about giving myself the best chance to develop to the full and to enjoy my environment. I wanted to get as far away from the sterile office atmosphere as I could. I think I’ve succeeded.

I have beautiful, locally designed silk curtains, which fill me with joy each time I look at them. I have a limited edition print by Beryl Cook on my wall, the first one released after she died, which inspires me because Beryl came to be the most famous artist in Britain after she was 60!

I also have a gorgeous desk lamp which works very well but is not merely utilitarian in design, and I have throws on my sofa which are a delight to touch, (my cats love them so I have company a lot of the time too) and I often light scented candles and play music to stimulate all my senses. In short, my workplace is designed to give me optimum creativity.

If you could have a free hand in redesigning your work space, what would YOU do? Do share your thoughts!

*The reality is, of course, that we can’t just use half our brain. Both sides work together all the time.


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2 Responses to “Colour Your Workplace & Be More Positive!”

  1. My office gets its color from the outside. I have banks of windows on two sides and the patio door goes out on the deck. My desk sits in the corner with a bank of windows on each side and you can see forever from my windows. I do agree that you need color in your life!

  2. I would have a massive window with natural light but the colours inside would have to be calming probably beiges and creams – have to have chaise long or swinging chair.

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