Change – How to Survive Tip 3

Whatever age you are, you will have already experienced a lot of change. Even if it’s just leaving school to your first job, or going to college, or moving house, or getting a new sibling, you have experienced change. And the older you are the more changes.

Managing Change Tip

List ten changes that have happened in your life, over which you had little control. For example, you probably had to leave school at a certain age. Or your firm downsized. Or your industry became flooded with new technology (print, photography). Maybe your personal life went into freefall. But don’t only focus on negative change experiences, look for the positives too.

Now, consider your list. You have survived all those changes and are probably much better at dealing with change than you may think. What skills and qualities do you have that have helped you in the past, and will help you in the future?

It can be really helpful to do this exercise with a friend and share stories and ideas. And please do share any of your own tips!

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