Change – How to Survive Tip 2

The first casualty of change is truth.

If you are in an organisation undergoing major change you will know that communication is vital. All organisations know this and every single book on managing change tells managers to communicate, communicate and communicate!

And in my experience, all organisations start off with good intentions but become lapsed communicators somewhere along the way.

The reasons are many. Maybe the person in charge of communications suddenly finds their own job at risk and goes to ground. Maybe the project is floundering and no one wants to say so openly. But more often it’s because for long periods of time there is no real change. And organisations make the huge mistake of saying nothing.

And we know what happens to a vacuum? Someone helpfully fills it.

Managing Change Tip

Always try to distinguish between you know what as fact, actual fact from a reliable source, and what is conjecture, rumour, speculation and gossip. If you hear something about the process try and check it out. Try not to get drawn into discussions of how awful everything will be because actually, that makes you feel awful! It’s fine to let off steam now and again but endless discussion of how bad it all is will really bring you down and limit your ability to cope.

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2 Responses to “Change – How to Survive Tip 2”

  1. liz says:

    I also recommend people to communicate no news. It might sound daft, however, even if you don’t know what an outcome is – or you don’t know how long something will take, let people know.

    They appreciate being in the loop and they feel more confident that they’ll hear other news as and when it happens

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks Liz, yes,I agree that’s a must. Managers tend to think if nothing has changed there is nothing to report but it’s hugely important to keep up the communication.

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