Career Tips for Women # 16

Three Minutes Count!

Julia Goodman runs a consultancy helping women perform well at interview. Using the research from Professor Mehrabian (which I’ve written about before, click here) on the impact of the non verbal messages we give, she films all her clients giving mock interviews.  This has given her a wealth of material to draw on for research.

Keep Focussed

Ms Goodman reviewed over 1000 of these role play tapes and discovered an interesting fact. The first three minutes really count, when you make your initial impression and set the tone for the interview. No real surprises there as we all know the power of first impressions.

However, she also discovered that many interviewees lost focus in the closing stages of interview but those that maintained focus right to the end, gave more successful interviews (at least in the role play interviews). The final three minutes were as important as the first. It makes sense, people remember the first time they meet you, and the last!


So next time you have an interview, don’t let your relief at getting to the end show too much! Remain focussed and alert and don’t begin to relax until you have left the building!

If you have any interview tips or stories to share, please use the comments box and tell us!


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2 Responses to “Career Tips for Women # 16”

  1. Jane, what an interesting post. I would assume that the same must apply to all business meetings too. They can often lose focus at the end. The best ones are usually the ones where we feel the end was as effective as the start.

    • Jane says:

      You’d think so, wouldn’t you? I’ve attended loads where we lost focus at the beginning too! Ever been to a meeting where it was conducted with everyone standing up? Thanks for commenting. Jane

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