Career Tips for Women # 12

When did you last go to a networking event connected with your work? If you can’t remember, read on!

Sometimes it really feels like too much of a stretch to get out to events, particularly if you have caring responsibilities.

And having the confidence to network is a common issue when I’m coaching, even with very senior women.

Be selective.

Decide which ones give you most exposure, are likely to connect you with people you find stimulating, will add to your knowledge, or will advance your career. Plan these into your diary.

Although it’s reassuring to attend with a colleague, the temptation to stand comfortably chatting with them may be too much to resist. If you do go with someone else, agree in advance that you will split up and only touch base again at the end. Otherwise you might as well pop into the nearest coffee shop!

But don’t stop going, just be selective. Putting yourself out there is an important part of getting ahead in your field. And you just never know what might happen. I was at a networking event recently thinking I was wasting my time when a director of a film company approached me to discuss a programme idea. That chance meeting has been really helpful to us both!


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