Can You See Your Future?

One of the most frequent dilemmas presented to me when coaching is

I don’t like where I am but I don’t know where I want to be“.

Knowing where you want to be does not mean you’ll automatically get there, but it does help you make the right choices on the route!

It’s difficult sometimes; we all have a natural tendency to focus on what we don’t want, or don’t like. It’s much harder to be clear about we actually want.

So I have something to help you! If you click on the free audio download to your right you will hear me reading my specially written visualisation. It’s specifically designed to help you work out just where it is you want to be by tapping into your creative subconscious.

I wrote it as a companion to my book, but it works well alone too. You can, if you wish, download it to listen to at your leisure. Somewhere without distraction is best, where you can lie down, relax, and devote some time to what you really want from life!

Enjoy it!


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