Break the Rules

What would happen if you broke the rules today? Your own or those of your company?

What rule or tradition irks you most, holds you back, stifles your inner creativity? Imagine you are not bound by it? Hmm, so what are you doing now?


Posted on April 21st, 2010 by

4 Responses to “Break the Rules”

  1. I’m breaking some rules today that I’m only just realising I’d “learned”. They are all about how much time a business person, trying to have a social media presence, “should” be spending on Twitter. Instead of having the thing on permanently during the time I’m not spending with clients and being distracted by it, I’m tuning in more selectively and giving dedicated time instead to my mainstream creative endeavours. I’ve done this, in fact, for a few days now. It’s making the world of difference. Can’t tell you how I’ve super-charged my productivity!

    • Jane says:

      You’re so right, Christine. I often remind myself that actually I am the boss and I left secure employment exactly so I could manage my own time and not have it manage me! Twitter is great but it needs taming! Good for you! Jane

  2. Simple, but compelling. What’s the worst they can do, cut ya lose?

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