Boost Your Creativity in 3 Minutes!

Any time you’re feeling jaded and a bit lacklustre in your thinking, try this quick mental booster in creative thinking.


Spend one minute looking at the pot of tulips opposite. Notice everything you can about that picture, the light playing on the boards behind, the various colours in the petals, the shades of the leaves, the type of fencing in the background. Really play close attention to the picture.

As you observe the details of the picture,  just be conscious of how you are breathing. Don’t do anything to your breathing, just notice it while looking at the gorgeous spring tulips.


Now for one minute invent a story to go behind the picture. Who put them there? Where are they? where did they come from? Amsterdam? By air? By sea? Home grown? Who picked them? Who planted them? Who took the photo?

Allow your imagination to wander where it will for one full minute.


And for your final minute doodle your own bunch of tulips or any flower you care to imagine!

Three minutes to refresh your thinking!

Do let me know what techniques and tips you use to refresh your thinking!


Posted on March 29th, 2010 by

2 Responses to “Boost Your Creativity in 3 Minutes!”

  1. Melissa says:

    I like this, Jane! Good tip to file away for continued use.

    I also love to read something that I would consider off-topic to refresh my thinking. Invariably, something will strike me, and I will form an analogy that relates to what I had been musing about previously.

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