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Welcome to the book reviewing section of my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the various reviews as they are added. Please feel free to let me know what you think and send in your own suggestions of books you have found helpful, useful and inspirational. And even books you may have written yourself (but currently I can only review ebooks if they are on Kindle).

The purpose of the section is to give you some information on books I think you might find helpful. The books will generally, but not exclusively, be in the self help and personal development vein and applicable to women. Sometimes publishers and authors send me their books and sometimes I buy them myself. My book shelves are groaning!

I am not necessarily endorsing every book I write about but I won’t write about a book I really think is dreadful! I am not a professional reviewer in that I am not paid to do this (however, in spirit of full disclosure I should add that if you subsequently buy the book through the Amazon link I do earn about 2 pence I think – assuming I have remembered to make it an a proper link….!) And I am not in the business of writing bitter and angry reviews; putting a book together is hard work, I know, so my aim is always to encourage not the opposite. If I don’t think it’s helpful, or doesn’t fit with the overall aims of my site, it won’t get included here, whether I paid for it or not.

If you do wish to send me a book to review I would be very happy to look at it but please contact me first.

Jane C Woods. Updated 2012


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2 Responses to “Book Review Policy”

  1. Super idea, Jane. I like the informally formal set up of your review section. I find that book blurbs, whether fiction or non-fiction give a promotional spin of a book but you never get to know more of what’s in it and whether it’s on the topic and issues you think it is. I like the clear policy guidelines too – all in all, a great addition to the site, if I may say so. Just one suggestion, could you quote some of the text of the books reviewed to give an idea of the writing style?

    • Jane says:

      Coming from an expert book reviewer like yourself I will do as you suggest. I did put a wee bit of ‘Flow’ in but will endeavour to do it with forthcoming reviews! Many thanks,

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