Be Like A Strictly Dancer!

OK, I admit it. My name is Jane and I am a Strictly Come Dancing addict. I hope you’re not shocked!

The show is compelling to me; I think it’s partly because you can watch people very proficient in one field, trying to be proficient in another. You can see them trying to transfer skills learned in one area to another complicated task.Their motivation to succeed is very strong (in most cases!)

Unsurprisingly, the sports people tend to do well. Much of what we know about motivational psychology has been learned in the sports arena and you can see it being played out each week.

So try this as a wee exercise next time you have a few moments. What skills, qualities and attributes do you have that would stand you in good stead if you were asked to do something totally different tomorrow? How would you manage if your job changed overnight? Imagine you are writing a letter to apply to be on Strictly (or similar). Give them all the compelling reasons to pick you, and tell them why you and all your transferable skills would be wonderful!


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