Banish Anxious Thoughts!

If you want to alter your mood from anxious to serene, try seeing whatever has made you feel out of sorts from a new perspective.

Relax for a few moments, allow your body to release tension, notice your breathing, and try whichever of these is appropriate for you:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by problems? Just for a moment visualise your body encased in a beautiful soft bubble, protecting you and giving you a break from life’s cares. Really conjure up the image in your mind’s eye. Rest there for a moment gathering strength to go on with your day.
  • Listen to how you are talking to yourself, your inner dialogue. Are you slow and monosyllabic? Or fast and manic? Whatever your inner voice is, consciously make it do the opposite for a while. Make sure your inner voice is talking kindly to you, not criticising.
  • If you are angry with someone, or someone is angry with you and you can’t remedy the situation just yet, imagine their face looking benign, happy and smiling kindly. Conjure up the image of them in your head of you and them together and all being well.
  • If someone scares you, or produces feelings of anxiety within you, imagine them feeling the same way. Everyone has moments of anxiety and feelings of inferiority from time to time. Visualise your difficult person having such a moment and in your mind extend compassion to them.

Thinking in pictures, visualising, is a very powerful way of giving yourself a mental boost. It won’t solve your problems but it will help you see them in a new light, and help you relax for a short while. And if you find it difficult, just remember a time when you felt really happy and conjure images of that in your brain. There are Three Coaching Questions here which will also help.


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