Are You Playing Enough?

In my professional training I studied academic tomes on the importance of play in a child’s development. Then when I had my own children I learned about it all over again, from a very practical perspective.

And later still, when I set up a local playgroup, I learned about it in both a theoretical and practical way.

And when I worked therapeutically with adults I learned that playing can be healing and powerful.

And what I know with absolute certainty is:

PLAY NEVER STOPS BEING IMPORTANT for both our learning and our emotional well being. Playing is very good for you!

We just become a little more self conscious at throwing ourselves whole heartedly into it, but give us adults an opportunity and we love it (which is why we have a lot of fun as well as serious stuff on my courses)!

Why You Should Play More

Play will help you be more creative, imaginative, add to your problem solving capabilities, develop leadership skills, aid your concentration, and boost your confidence. Just a few good reasons to make sure you make time for some play in your life!

When was the last time you played and had fun? What’s your favourite play activity?


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