Are You In a Rut?

Here’s a quick exercise to determine if you are feeling stuck in the same old groove.

Think about your life in three boxes (for simplicity):

Personal (Your friends, spiritual side of life, hobbies etc)

Home (where you live and with whom you live)

Work (Where you work, whom you work with and what you do)

If you are 100% satisfied give yourself a mark of 10 for each category and add the three totals. So being 100% satisfied in all areas of your life at the same time (congratulations if that’s you!) would give you a total score of 30.  Nil points would mean you are very unhappy; you’ll probably rate yourself somewhere in between.

20 and above is pretty good going. Well done you.

Less than 20, what do you need to change? And how are you going to change it?


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