Are You Good Enough?

Sometimes good enough is good enough.

If you find yourself unable to ever settle for less than perfection there’s a strong likelihood that you spend much of your life feeling very pressurised and stressed. Perfection in all areas at all times is rarely a realistic aim.

That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t strive for it, but if you are constantly unhappy with your less than perfect attempts you will never do anything: it can stultify you, and stop you from experimenting and trying new things. Being a perfectionist can stop you learning and growing and hold back your personal development. If ‘Be Perfect’ is one of your drivers, try ‘Good Enough’ for a day!

Sometimes good enough is good enough!

What do you think?


Posted on August 13th, 2010 by

2 Responses to “Are You Good Enough?”

  1. Ooh, Jane! “Be Perfect” is one of my drivers.

    Funnily, this was something I battled when I started blogging. I realised pretty early on that, if I was going to be a successful blogger, I’d have to let go of the idea of perfect posts and the perfect blog and allow myself to be a learner. Being good enough is part of that for me. Apart from anything, it’s just so much more human!

    Great to have you back from your travels 🙂

    • Jane says:

      Well, if your blogs are in the ‘good enough’ range,your perfect ones must be amazing!! Thanks for the comment and it’s great to be back too! Jane

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