Are You Good Enough? 15 ways to build a confident mindset.

Are You Good Enough? is a compact paperback authored by Bill Mc Farlan & Dr Alex Yellowlees.  It sells at 8.99 and is published by Capstone.

The book has been written to act as confidence booster and by and large I think it achieves its purpose. It’s full of examples and stories based around an ‘ordinary’ couple who go on to explore their behaviour and values.

Here is an extract to give you an idea of style:

In every moment, our own mind is either working for or against us. The choice is ours.

Lynn thinks back to her childhood, and how she struggled even then to make sense of her family, her environment, her ‘world’.

She now realises that, in so many ways, it didn’t add up at all.

Her mother praised her, irrespective of what she did – an dher father gave her no feedback whatsoever, neither good nor bad.

She recognises how impossible it was, as a child growing up in that specific setting, to construct a clear picture of a rational world.

Suddenly it dawns on her:

It’s impossible to build a sure sense of healthy self worth on sifting sands of inconsistent and conflicting parental messages.

No wonder Lynn has doubted herself so much and found compliments from Steve and her colleagues hard to believe. She still thinks, sometimes, that they are ‘just being nice’ to her by not telling her the truth.”

The book pulls no punches and digs deep but in an informal and very accessible style. Each chapter contains an analysis of the situation without being preachy or patronising. If you’re feeling a lack of confidence in your life I think this would be a good place to start! You can buy it at £6.74 via Amazon or get a copy from your local library.


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