Are You Following YOUR Dream?

I know it sounds like a daft question, but if you feel you never quite achieve some of your aims and aspirations ask yourself,

‘Is this my goal, my dream, or have I taken on someone else’s? Is this something I really want to do or is it something I think I should be doing?’

For example, when I’m coaching we’ll sometimes find ourselves ‘stuck’ at a particular point with the coachee reluctant to take the steps needed to fully realise their ambition.

So here are some of the coaching questions I often ask in order to help them tease out their level of motivation:

  • What will achieving this goal mean for you?
  • If you achieve this goal what else will it bring you?
  • What might stop you having what you want?
  • How will achieving this goal affect other people in your life?
  • What or who do you think is biggest barrier in fully realising this goal?
  • If you could wave a wand and achieve your goal right now, would you be happy?

If you’re feeling a bit stuck with your progress, try honestly answering these questions. Try and visualise yourself having achieved the goal and see how your life looks. If you listen to your inner voice you should know whether this is something YOU really want.


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4 Responses to “Are You Following YOUR Dream?”

  1. hannah coleman says:

    excellent blog Jane a very good read, I’m certainly following my dreams x

  2. Vicki Owen says:

    Great blog. Good questions to ask yourself to stay focused. Thanks Jane!

    • Jane says:

      Many thanks, Vicki. Glad you like the blog. I hope it’s a useful resource for women everywhere!

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