Are YOU a Highly Sensitive Person?

Some people are much more sensitive than others – are you one of them? Are you an HSP?

When we feel vulnerable, lacking in confidence we all have a tendency to magnify our reactions and the reactions of others. If we’re feeling we’re not good enough at work, or we’re not attractive, for example, a chance remark from someone that seems to confirms those fears will have a huge impact on us.

Heightened Sensitivities

But there are some people for whom feeling a sense of heightened sensitivity is not an occasional occurrence. It colours their whole lives, which can severely limit their opportunities to live life to the full.

The American Psychologist, Dr Elaine Aron, has identified a distinct personality type called the HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON, (HSP). She has estimated that probably between 15 to 20% of the population fall into this category.

If you are an HSP you will process information and experiences more deeply; you’ll be more aware of the subtelties in life and in your surroundings. You might even find yourself getting overwhelmed if too much sensory information is around you.

Being HSP doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be introverted and it isn’t any more common in one gender than another. Dr Aron says it’s an all or nothing trait with a psychological basis- you either are or you’re not.

She has a test on her site which you can find here

If you score highly, all is not lost and this is a quality you can learn to value for the insight it brings. Just take a bit of time to reflect and use your gift of great empathy wisely and enjoy it.


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2 Responses to “Are YOU a Highly Sensitive Person?”

  1. I try not to be sensitive but there are just times in your life when its not going well and someone says something that you cant accept and it upsets you. Those times are hard not to cry.

    • Jane says:

      At the EveryWoman conference Sam Roddick said “I cry when I get upset, so what, men get angry and that emotion is OK. Deal with it, or get therapy!” Tears are a sign of emotions and emotions show we’re humans. You have a wee weep, darling. You’ll be up there with a great female entrepreneur like Sam!

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