A Funny Thing Happened to Me Last Week…

When Work Isn't Working

I got an email a couple of weeks ago which stopped me in my tracks. Let me explain the background.

Recently I published my 50th newsletter. I really wanted to thank all my readers who have helped it grow tenfold (by generously passing it on friends and colleagues), so I ran a  competition. I offered regular subscribers an opportunity to win a  free copy of my book ‘When Work isn’t Working’ and, as my readership is all over the world, I promised to send it anywhere in the world. All I wanted to know was how long people had been reading the newsletter.

I had responses from all over the world and printed the addresses so I could pick some at random. One of the enties was a South African email address. As I’ve had articles in South African magazines I have quite a lot of readers there so this was no surprise. What was a surprise was the address they had given – it was a two minute walk from my home in a village in the south West of England!

At first I assumed that I had somehow transposed the address from another email but no, it was genuine. I contacted the sender who told me she had applied on behalf of her daughter as she thought she could really do with the book just now. And so it was popped through her letter box, much to her surprise!

It’s an amazing coincidence, isn’t it? And I really hope she enjoys the book (I’ll let you know!) And it was great to have helped a Mum out who was concerned about her daughter half way around the globe; one of those little human connections that uplift you.

When was the last time a funny thing happened to you…?


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2 Responses to “A Funny Thing Happened to Me Last Week…”

  1. You always charm me, Jane, with the way you relate the warmth and caring in your posts. I just fielded a call from a former client who needs an update, the funny part was that she is in Central Wisconsin. The question she asked was: “Hi, are you still writing resumes and helping job seekers?” When people all over the globe are finding me easily, I find it entertaining to have people who never thought to Google my name, company name (Design Resumes), or Wausau resume writer all of which get to me very quickly. I have work to do, obviously!

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