Your Mantra

All of us have sayings and phrases in our head, probably stemming from childhood, which help or hinder us in our daily lives.

reach outThis can happen at a subconscious level so being aware of what they are can be very liberating. Once you identify the sayings or messages that sap your energy or confidence, you can begin the process of replacing them with something that gives you a boost!

I have an exercise in my Renewyou course on this and am always amazed how ‘naming the beast’ can almost immediately be part of its taming.


For example, if you have an ‘I am unloveable’ message running through your head, you may be unwittingly projecting this image when people come close. You may be protecting yourself from what you see as an inevitable rejection by giving a subconscious ‘don’t get close’ message. This will be showing itself in all manner of ways: body language, where you choose to sit, eating lunch alone, not joining in with work events, and so on.

Name and Tame

Once you have recognised that this is what you are doing you can begin to deal with it. You may want to do some work on how those messages got there, but a more immediate thing to do is to replace the ‘unloveable’ one with something else. Maybe even as simple as ‘I am loveable’.


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