Your Career Questions

Your Career Questions

woman on phoneWhen coaching or running seminars, women frequently tell me they are unhappy with their jobs. One of the first steps in getting to your perfect career is to really understand what you don’t like about your current job.

Here is an extract from a chapter in my book When Work isn’t Working’ designed to help you do just that. You’ll need pen and paper.

What don’t you like about your current job?

Be very specific as this is important. If, when you have answered these questions, it seems that certain people loom large and unpleasant in your working life then you need to consider if a change of career is what you really want. It might just be a change of employer or department!

Your answers to the question, ‘What don’t you like about your job?’ will help you decide your responses to the later questions and exercises in the book, so be as honest as possible.

List as many things as you can in relation to what you don’t like; the following questions may help your thinking:.

Is it the task, the actual work you have to do?

Is it the ethics of the organisation? Do the values of the organisation match your values?

Is it the pay or salary or bonus scheme?

Is it lack of prospects?

Is it too much emphasis on advancement?

Is it lack of  encouragement and opportunities for your development in the role?

Is it the attitude of other workers?

Is it your current manager?

Is it the location?

Is it too easy or undemanding for you?

Is it too much of a stretch for you at this point in your life?

On a blank page answer each of these questions in turn, being specific about the role you have now. Give a full answer; you may actually discover some things you really like about your current job! Now you have a much better idea of what it is you want to change. Your next step is to make those changes.


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  1. With any job, I believe it is difficult to be truly successful in it unless you love it.

    Life is too short to spend most of it doing something you are not satisfied with.

    You have posted some excellent questions!

    Coaching for career, business and personal success

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