Women And Careers- Tip 1

Women and Careers

The first in an occasional series of TIPS for WOMEN in business who want to advance their careers.

Women, stop being overly modest and playing down your achievements.

Ok, no one likes a smart-ass but you can take the modesty thing too far you know! When someone compliments you on a piece of work, accept the compliment at face value and say ‘Thank you’ while looking at them (absolutely no holding  head down , looking up from under eye lashes, coy simpering allowed!)

This doesn’t mean that you don’t acknowledge the efforts of others but it does mean you must never say things like ‘Oh it was nothing really.’

Accept Compliments Gracefully

If you receive a compliment/commendation/letter of thanks for your work, a good tip is to send a copy to your line manager. They actually like to get good news once in a while, and it all helps build up your profile. Keep all such notes, emails etc in a file of your own for appraisals, job interviews, or simply to make you feel better on the bad days.

Ask For Feedback

When complimented on the quality of your work don’t be afraid to ask what it is they have found to be helpful, useful, good etc and then focus on doing more of that next time! Don’t concentrate all your attention on what you think was less good, accentuate the positive!

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