Women and Careers Tip 9

smile womIn a recent coaching session I was talking with my client about how her paid work was very unfulfilling.

However, we acknowledged that in the current economic climate having a job which paid reasonably well, with friendly colleagues, was not to be sniffed at! It was just a tad dull with few opportunities around to change.

What’s Missing?

So we explored together just what was missing. In her case it was easy to pinpoint- she missed the opportunities for developing staff and supporting others as her role had become more office based.

If your job is not exactly what you want, don’t forget there are other places than work to fill those developmental gaps. In this case, volunteering was a possible option- in a capacity where she could make use of her supportive and empathetic skills. Like working with a local charity.

Maybe to move to the next level you need more experience of handling budgets, for example. Don’t always look to your employer to fill this gap. I know of a woman who got appointed to a senior role without ever having had extensive formal budget experience, an essential requirement of the person specification. She had, however, taken on the PTA treasurer role. She was able to demonstrate that she had all the competencies required and was given the job.

Think Laterally!

Look around you, think laterally. You may be able to meet the gaps in your professional development outside of work, add to your CV, and do a bit of good into the bargain! And if you’re on a career break, don’t forget to keep a record of all those activities like running the local playgroup, or organising the carers rota. It’s all valuable and evidence of your abilities!


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  1. As a life coach, I agree that work experience can not only equip you with new skills, but can be a great option and really boost your confidence if you’ve been out of the workforce for an extended period of time, for example, on maternity leave.

    It may also open the door to a new job opportunity! Excellent advice.


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