Women and Careers Tip 7

Meetings- Not Simply About Work

people meetingDon’t be tempted to miss too many meetings, believing that they are of no interest to you. Think longer term. It may be that a particular meeting holds nothing relevent at the time, but in the long term not making yourself visible can harm your career.

Be Seen

It’s not good enough to be good at what you do. You need to be seen to be good at what you do. And that means putting yourself about! And that means making yourself visible and that means attending appropriate events. A lot of meetings in the workplace are a waste of time, but miss too many and you’ll fall off the radar for when interesting things come up.

Show Off

Use those less than gripping meetings to introduce something that you have done or achieved, something that allows you to show off a particular skill. Maybe you can chair the meeting (don’t offer to do the minutes unless it’s your turn). And if all your meetings seem to be of the dull and unproductive variety, find out which ones the movers and shakers go to and see if you can present something to that meeting!


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