Women and Careers Tip 6

Be a Professional not a Waitress!

1tea time cakesAs women, we may have a strong connection with offering food as a form of caring and support. Yet in the world of work this can mitigate against us. I have lost count of the meetings I have been in when it was tacitly assumed that one of the women present would make the tea or coffee for the meeting, provide the biscuits, entertain any visitors etc.

Share the Chores

There is nothing wrong with offering to make the drinks, for either gender at whatever level you are in an organisation. It’s part of what makes for good team building. But it should not be seen as a woman only preserve. If you always leap up to provide for the others you run the risk of being seen as less professional, as ‘Mumsy’, and less able than your male counterparts (or other women who sit tight). Take turns!

If you are someone who regularly looks after others in this way, pause next time. Think ‘I’m a professional, not a waitress’ and let one of the chaps have the pleasure!


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