Women and Careers Tip 5


Assertive women in the workplace can still find themselves described as ‘too pushy’ or ‘bossy’.

Consequently, many of us have learned behaviours to mitigate against being labelled thus. Instead of directly owning our ideas in meetings or at work, we offer it in the form of a question. For example, ‘Do you think it might be better if we….?’

If you find yourself doing this too often stop! You are giving away your power and your ideas and probably irritating others. (Although in other areas of it can be very emotionally intelligent to use this type of communication in order to be sensitive to others feelings).

At work, if you have an idea or statement to put forward. make sure you take responsibility and ownership. Don’t offer it as a gift for someone else to enjoy. You might get the blame, but then again, you might get the credit!



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