Women and Careers Tip 4

Number 4 in my occasional series of tips for women who want to advance their careers!


On the face of it this seems really easy but it isn’t! Listening well is a real art and a good listener will be a well informed woman. People also love being listened to, so some of that feel good factor is attributed to the listener

Allow the Silence

Next time you are in a meeting and an awkward silence ensues, don’t rush to fill it, or feel responsible for rescuing the situation. Just let it be for a while. If this makes you feel uncomfortable ask yourself why. The person who knows how to hold their counsel on occasion is often seen as wise and thoughtful.

John Harvery Jones once said that a meeting without silences meant no one was thinking. Study the body language of your colleagues, aim to look comfortable and relaxed yourself but don’t rush in. Use the space to think!

Listen Well

Practise good listening in other areas of your life. When asked a question, or to solve a problem, don’t always rush to add your own thoughts or experiences but instead, from time to time, practise focussing on the person speaking to you. Ask them questions about what they actually mean. Get them to clarify and give examples. Don’t feel rushed into a response but tell them you’d like some time to consider and come back to them with a response (always get back to them though!)

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  1. June says:

    Nice sharing,
    I love this, Jane.


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