Women and Careers Tip 2

Number two in my occasional series of TIPS for WOMEN wanting to advance their careers!

Women, take what is your due

This tip was given to me by an amazing woman who was a guest speaker on one of my training courses. She was very senior in her organisation and had noticed an interesting difference between the men and women she managed.

Don’t Over Explain

When the men approached her for leave they simply asked for the dates they wanted, without further explanation. The women on the other hand, she noted, were almost apologetic about asking for their leave entitlement and generally prefaced their request with a lengthy explanation of exactly why they wanted a day off. For example, ‘I have to take my son to the dentist’ or ‘Sorry, but my daughter is going on a school trip’ etc.

Her view was that this over explaining made the women look less professional than the men, who were probably using their time off for family matters too but didn’t feel the need to justify why they were asking. She felt that drawing attention to their out of work responsibilities disadvantaged them in the eyes of senior people, who then saw them as less professional and less likely candidates for promotion.

Regardless of your position you are allowed certain things within the terms of your contract and usually leave is one of them. It is correct and respectful to let your line manager know but think in terms of informing them, not requesting permission. If they have a problem with it they’ll let you know!

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