Why SHOUTING is Bad for You!

OK, sometimes it is good to let it all out (it’s certainly not good to bottle up our emotions) but did you know that that the more yelling and shouting you do when you’re angry, the longer the angry rage will last?


Pyschologist Dianne Tice has researched the effects of prolonged shouting. She found that prolonged yelling when we’re angry keeps the adrenalin pumping through our bodies and actually prolongs our feelings of anger! Then our mood gets gloomier and our stress levels rise.

Take Control of Your Anger

It’s hard when you’re really angry, but for the sake of your well being try to become aware of your own feelings and break the cycle of negative thought patterns. Once you are deep into the negative stuff you’ll probably find that your mind goes back to other old hurts and bad memories making you even more miserable. It’s not productive and drags you deeper into despair.

Lower Your Stress

There will always be things outside of your control which cause you anger; that’s life. But you CAN control how you respond and learn to manage those feelings and lower your stress levels. The first step is being aware of them and asking yourself what exactly has triggered the emotion. Another tip is to stop and notice how your body is responding. You will probably be physically tense and ‘tight’ with a frown on your face.


So SMILE! Even though you don’t mean it the brain receives a feel good message and it will help lift your mood and lower your stress levels very quickly. And if your anger is directed at an individual they might just smile back!


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