Think Weird!

Creative_cubesWhen I’m working with groups at seminars, or one to one coaching, I often ask them to think weird!

Surprisingly, weird thinking can produce amazing results. When we have an issue or problem to work on I’ll often ask people to come up with as many solutions as they can. They can have as many sensible thoughts as they like as long as they include at least one that is completely bonkers and off the wall!

It is amazing how often the off the wall idea can be tamed into submission and become the one eventually used to solve the problem. This is because when we’re thinking in a left brain logical way we continually judge and censor our thoughts. When we really let our imagination run wild we are accessing the right side of brain which is creative. It helps us tap into our subconscious and produce more original thoughts. And it makes us smile!

So, next time you are faced with what seems an insoluble problem, think weird. It’ll really open your mind to life’s possibilities!


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