The Importance of Ritual or Have a Party!

All humans need ritual. We like to think that we’re rational beings but many of the rituals we hold dear are not rational yet they serve us well.

Mark Events

Rituals and ceremonies help us mark significant events in our lives, feel kinship and solidarity with others, and cope with changes both personal and professional. Some are common to most cultures, like rituals associated with partnerships, end of life, births and so on. Others are more associated with particular cultures or religions, like the ritual of a thanksgiving dinner.


When I’m working in organisations undergoing change I always urge them to mark in some way the transition from one state to another. It can be quite simple or more elaborate but people need a marker from which to date the change.


In your own life do you mark events? You probably do with changes in status like marriage and so on but when did you last really celebrate the good things in your life? Your successes?

The sad stuff comes at us unbidden and ritual helps us then but don’t forget to mark all the good things in life; maybe celebratory tea and cake with a friend who has come through a bad patch, a party to wish someone well in their new home, perhaps just a beautiful card to someone who has been inspirational or helpful to you.

Take every opportunity to celebrate the good things in life. Party on!


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