Eight Ways to Exercise Your Brain!

8 Brain Work Outs

Put the months of the year into alphabetical order.

Name as many of Shakespeare’s plays as you can (there are 37!).

Write your name with your non dominant hand… backwards.

Recite your three times table up to 100 and then count backwards from 100 in 3s

Read a newspaper article and underline every ‘the’ in the article.

Put your socks/tights/stockings on in the morning the other way round. Most of us always start with a particular leg so try the other one (women, if you get yourself in a twist correct it before you leave the house because I can tell you that twisted tights are not brain enhancing!)

Take up a new skill or teach yourself to programme that new DVD recorder

Read the type of newspaper which is contrary to your views, and get to the end!

I hope you find some of these useful. I use many of these techniques when training and people always find then fun and refreshing but doing them regularly will also be of huge benefit in keeping your brain working to its best capacity. Try one now!Thinking of expanding your training business? I can help you. To find out more,click here



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