Ten Tips for an Imagination/Creative Work Out!

If you are suffering from post holiday fudgy brain syndrome read on, and try some of these ideas to revitalise yourself:

  1. Take the nearest book or newspaper to hand, open at random, and read that whole page with an open mind. Is there anything there useful for you?
  2. Say yes to requests at least 5 times in the next 24 hours. (Be careful!)
  3. Take a sheet of paper and plot the position of every piece of furniture in your bedroom (if you are in your bedroom do the living room or your office – it’s a brain exercise!), and don’t forget the ornaments!
  4. Look in your fridge and cupboard and create a meal from 3 main things you find without going to shops or using a recipe book.
  5. Take a trip to a new place in your town or locality.
  6. Walk aimlessly for 20 minutes, and really look at everything around you as if you were a tourist from another country. Recapture that holiday feeling.
  7. Leave for work ten minutes earlier tomorrow morning and take a different route.
  8. Take two clean sheets of paper and start writing, anything! Don’t edit or worry about spelling or grammar. Just put words on paper and see what comes.
  9. Strike up a conversation with someone you don’t normally speak to, like a neighbour you usually only nod at, or someone in your building you may just pass in the lift occasionally.
  10. Go on line, or visit an art gallery and spend ten minutes looking at a work of art. Just look, don’t try to understand. Allow yourself to simply experience it.

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