Tap Into Your Intuition


In the world of work, being rational and making decisions based on known facts are usually the norm. And that’s OK for some things, but sometimes simply being rational doesn’t give us the answer we need or want. In those cases just try tapping into your intuition.

Switch Off Your Rational Mode

If you try this regularly it will become easier to do. Just allow yourself to think what you really want to do in any situation. I used to regularly counsel women who were considering a major, but optional, surgical procedure. Often they would present me with a rational, well thought out argument. Then I would ask them:

“What were your very first thoughts; what was your insinctive response before you began to intellectualise it?”

Sometimes the answers were the same, sometimes not. Invariably the women who went with their instinctive response subsequently felt they had made the right decision.

So, next time you have a difficult decision to make, listen to your inner voice! It’s giving you some valuable information.


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