Surviving the Festivities! Tip 7

 Beware the Office Party!

Party streamers by Ba1969Office parties are a bit thinner of the ground this year, and there has certainly been some economies made, so if you have one to attend, enjoy!

However, try and keep in mind that this is still work and you are still with work colleagues. You are just as much on show at the office party as in any part of your working life. If you have been working on increasing your profile at work, the office party might be a good time to go low profile!

Yes, that wonderful song and dance routine on top of the photocopier will certainly raise your profile, and everyone will know you afterwards but……..

Have fun, don’t be a kill joy but don’t let a few hours of madness undo months of hard work. Good reputations can take ages to acquire and seconds to lose! Make sure you stay in control of yours.


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