Surviving the Festivities! Tip 11

Christmas stockingBreathing is Good for You!

If you feel yourself getting a little het up or stressed, try out this very quick tension reliever:

1) Sit down

2) Close your eyes

3) Breathe out one longer breath than normal (count during a normal out breath then make this one a few counts longer- but don’t hyperventilate or make yourelf feel uncomfortable. that would be totally missing the point….)!

4) Breathe normally for a few breaths. Enjoy the sensation of resting your eyes.

5) Breathe out a longer breath again. This is having the effect of helping you take more air into your lungs and breathe more deeply without over breathing.

6) Repeat this twice more. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

7) Carry on as normal, but hopefully a little more refreshed!


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2 Responses to “Surviving the Festivities! Tip 11”

  1. Thanks for the gentle reminder to breathe! When we breathe consciously and deeply we are saying yes to life, yes to our own physical experience. Deliberate breath is the choice we make to be alive, to be who we truly are, and to be connected to our senses.

    Breathing settles the body by reducing sadness, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, muscular tension, and stress. It can also help quiet the chaos of the mind which allows us to more easily tap into the center of our being. Who we are is love.

    Take a breath and instead of recycling self-critical thoughts, allow in peace, calm, and a sense that everything works out for our highest good.

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