Surviving the Festivities! Tip 10

Christmas cartoon treeWhat Does it Mean to YOU?

If it is beginning to feel a bit overwhelming, now is maybe the time to have an honest conversation with yourself.

What does the Christmas season really mean to you? Do you think it’s a mad waste of money? An extravagent material feast of overspending?

Or do you love all the traditions? Do you value the opportunities to reconnect with friends and or family? Do you love the lights and bustle in the shops? Is Christmas a spiritual event for you, an important part of your faith? Be totally honest with yourself; it’s just for your eyes.

Whatever it is that gives you pleasure, are you doing enough of it, or indeed any of it? If not, take some action now to make sure you are recharging your batteries as well. And as for having to do  those things you don’t like? Well, try and balance them out with something more life affirming, or try the 30 minute rule!


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