Surviving the Festivities! Tip 1.

Holly Wreath by WatfordThe Pressure is Mounting…

We’re into December and the pressure is mounting. Suddenly every magazine you open is full of hints and tips to tell us how to stuff a turkey with one hand while designing creative place settings with the other- and managing to look incredibly gorgeous and composed all at the same time!!

I guess there must be some women out there who manage this but I have yet to meet them. Every photo ever taken of me on Christmas day shows me extremely red-faced, (heat from oven not champagne-honestly!) I always have frazzled, frizzled,frankly deranged hair, as steam from veg has shrivelled my immaculate Christmas coiffured look to ‘through a holly hedge backwards’ chic! And my optimistically applied mascara has melted in the  heat giving me a ‘Bride of Frankenstein meets Whatever Happened to Baby Jane’ look! I’ve grown to like it….

So my first tip is:


Ignore the glossy, air brushed models in magazines.

Read the magazines for fun (I love them!) but regard them as a work of fiction; don’t set yourself impossible standards and count yourself lucky if you manage to glean a tip a or two that actually helps.

And if you have any sage advice from your own experience, please do share it!


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