Rose Tinted Spectacles?

Are You Wearing the Right Glasses?

A few weeks back I got two new pairs of glasses but didn’t get rid of my old specs. It was a particularly foggy winter morning as I did my usual morning rush out to the car and thrust my new driving specs onto my nose. Reversing out, I thought to myself, ” This fog is appalling – I’ll have to drive really carefully this morning.”

Then I noticed in my rear view mirror that I was actually wearing my new reading specs! The glasses I had on were great for short range but absolutely no good for looking further ahead.

I took them off and a whole new world opened up to me. It was still very misty but I could see a way forward. I was laughing at myself as I finally pulled away from the house. However, it did make me reflect on how sometimes we stick on our short range specs, often without realising it, when, if we were brave enough to take a new look, we might see the world in a very different way.

So, just think for a moment which specs do you need right now? Sometimes, especially at times of stress and great change we can get stuck in a short term thinking. We focus downwards and inwards on what we know well, or can see without too much effort. We keep our short range specs firmly planted on the end of our nose. Which is fine if all we need to see is immediately in front of us.

Look Ahead

But sometimes we need to take a much longer range view if we are to make the right decsions now. So spend few moments now, if you can, casting your mind ahead twelve months. What do you know about what may be happening? What can you reasonably guess about what may be happening? And what do you want to be happening? Put on your long range specs and enjoy a different perspective on life!

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One Response to “Rose Tinted Spectacles?”

  1. Gary DF Milne says:

    Too right Jane. So easy to get stuck in “head down” mode, working hard and going nowhere

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