Relax, Relax, Relax!

sleepy pigsThe week end is nearly upon us and what have you got planned? Of course, having a fire-fighter husband I am very aware that a significant proportion of you will be working;  if you are working in one of our essential services -THANK YOU!

Wherever you are working you will have some free time at some point. How much of that time is yours as true leisure? How many of you have planned out this week end full of activities, shopping, visiting friends and family, housework etc?

We’re all ‘guilty’ of filling our time, packing in masses of activity, particularly at this time of the year. But remember that you need to recharge those batteries from time to time too. So, even if just for a thirty minutes or so but preferably an hour at least, take a bit of time out for yourself. Do whatever it is that recharges your battery. It’s not self indulgence-it’s essential maintenance!


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