Prioritise Your Life

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you have on your ‘to do’ list? We all do from time to time.

An Exercise to Try

Here’s a simple exercise I often use when working one to one.

Write a list of all your tasks. Mark them with following F G H & W categories:

F= Fun to do, i.e.things you actually enjoy and maybe even put them off because of that! Everyone needs fun to do on their list whether at work or home. (If your work doesn’t provide any fun to do tasks seriously think about changing your job!)

G = Good for me to do i.e. they might develop you in some way, contribute to your well being, or help you at work. This might be attending a meeting, taking exercise daily etc.

H =Hell but must be done, i.e. those tasks that are the equivalent of emptying a smelly rubbish bin

W= Who gives a damn! Those tasks that get done because they have always been done but maybe need reveiwing and not get done any more! Like bureaucratic procedures that serve no useful purpose, or ironing socks!

You can get rid of the latter category because if no one really cares why do you continue to do them? Then plan in the tasks so you have some fun ones interspersed with the hell ones as rewards. If you haven’t got any fun ones invent some!

You may also find it helpful to invoke the thirty minute rule (see below)


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