Nice is Not Enough.

Customer Care is More than Being Nice

1 Caledonian HotelI’ve recently been looking at hotels for the forthcoming Renewyou seminars. I have very exacting requirements;  I’m also looking for that almost indefinable ‘something’ that will make my clients feel welcomed and pampered. And that is not simply about natural light, the quality of the food and so on.


I had already found what I was looking for in London when I was a guest speaker at an event in the Park Lane Hilton. I was able to experience at first hand what they offered and all was great, so I booked them. Edinburgh is a new Changing People venue so I visited several hotels, all of which met my exacting requirements but found only one that really wowed me, The Caledonian Hilton. Afterwards I sat down to work out why.

The ‘Something’ Defined.

It actually didn’t have as many facilities as some of the others I had looked at, but it won hands down because the events co ordinator had really listened to what I was saying. She had read my web site, looked up the course, and spoke knowledgeably about my business. She understood that I wanted something relaxing and informal and after a few questions, led me away from the standard conferencing facilities to a beautiful room with a view overlooking the castle. It wasn’t set out for a course but she had quickly understood that I wasn’t looking for something standard. She really listened to me and I felt valued and respected – exactly what I want my seminar participants to experience!

Nice is Not Enough

All the people I spoke to on my tour of Edinburgh hotels were nice and all the hotels were of a high standard. They offered me refreshments, gave me their promotional packs, a comprehensive tour and so on, but they all tried to sell me what they had readily to offer. They were not really listening to what I was looking for and so lost the sale.

Who Are YOUR Customers?

That may be an easy question to answer if you are in direct contact with clients and customers, but whatever you are doing for a job someone is your customer, be it your manager or another internal department. If you want to do your job well, whether for your own personal satisfaction, career advancement or both, make sure you know what it is your customers want from you. And key to knowing that is to ask them and LISTEN to the responses. Being Nice helps, but it’s not enough.


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  1. There are some excellent customer care tips here. As you have said listening is very important.

    The fact is wherever there is a human element, things can go wrong. It’s all about how you deal with them which will determine the final outcome.

    Great post 🙂

    Coaching for career, business and personal success

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