Motivate Yourself!

Motivate Yourself to do well at work, whatever your job! If you find yourself operating below your best at work, lacking in motivation, it will gradually erode your confidence in your abilities and you can be sure someone will notice!

Here are just a few quick tips for getting the best out of any job. However trivial it may seem, if you regularly give of your best others will notice and you will reap the rewards of success! And being successful can become a really good habit you’ll want to keep!

Really absorb yourself in whatever you are doing.

Whatever it is you are doing, even if it’s just filing, become wholly focussed on it and do it really well. It matters to someone that it’s done properly so make it matter to you too.

Don’t keep complaining
It’s a waste of time to complain just for the sake of having a moan or trying to apportion blame. It makes you noticeable for the wrong reasons. Instead try and focus on what went wrong and come up with a solution. Even if your response isn’t acted on you’ll be seen as positive and helpful.

Find out what people think of your work
So often appraisals can end up putting a focus on what we’ve done wrong but we respond best by being given praise. In fact, it takes about seven pieces of positive praise to wipe out one negative comment. So accept people’s right to criticise your work but then ask what they think you do well and do more of that!

Adopt the adage ‘If a job worth’s doing it’s worth doing well’.
If you are really in a job you find unfulfilling and useless then make plans now to get out of it. But most jobs are there because someone needs it to be done. Even if you are working below your capabilities at the moment take a pride in what you do. Doing this well can open doors for you to move on to something better.

Be prepared to wait for the rewards
Once you’ve lifted your game and are performing at your peak you may have to wait a while for people to notice. It’s called deferred gratification, like saving up for something. The anticipation of what you will get at the end keeps you saving even when you want to overspend on a mad week end or new clothes. The end you have in sight keeps you motivated. So it is with work. Top performers know if its’ worth attaining it rarely comes easily!

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