Make ‘Failure’ Work for You

In the current economic climate new jobs are thinner on the ground than a few years back. If you are in midst of applying for jobs, or part of an internal reorganisation, it’s easy to get very downhearted and feel a sense of failure.

Don’t be Defeated

Reorganisations and economic changes are all events outside of our control. As is the decison as to whether we’re offered a job or not (although we can increase our chances by preparation and planning). To avoid yourself spiralling down into self doubt and depression recognise what you can control in any circumstance.

You can control you and how you choose to respond to what is happening.

Separate the experience from what feels like a defeat. You decide what to think about it, don’t buy into other people’s views and anger. It can be opportunity to evaluate and learn from it. Spend your energies on planning for a positive future, not trying to cope with the negatives now in the past.

We are not touched so much by life’s events themselves, but by the view we CHOOSE to take of them. Epictetus, stoic philosopher.


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3 Responses to “Make ‘Failure’ Work for You”

  1. Very good post. We have applicants who have not been successsful for positions because of their “negativity”

  2. I enjoyed this post, thank you. it’s very true, they say that like attracts like. Positive attitude will reap positive rewards!

    Coaching for career, business and personal success

  3. Karen Finlayson says:

    Love the Epictetus quote, I use this quote for my business cards “Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” ~Epictetus
    It sums up my business beautifully – he clearly had style consultancy on his mind…

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