Is Your Life in Balance?

From time to time life can get out of kilter for all of us. You may just have a vague feeling of too much to do, or it may be more serious with a thorough rethink of your priorities needed.

Try this exercise.

Jot down the areas of life that are important to you. Your list will unique to you but it might include:

  • family
  • work
  • friends
  • partner
  • hobbies
  • spiritual life
  • own development
  • contributing to your community

And so on. Once you have your list, give each a rating of its importance or significance to you. 1= least important 10 = most important. This will be different at differing stages of your life so this exercise bears repetition from time to time.

Now, give each item a rating according to how it feels in terms of work life balance. For example, is work taking a major part of your life at the moment? If so, you might rate it ten. But does that rating accord with the importance it has in your life right now? If so, great, the balance is right. If not, maybe you need to think about some new strategies?


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