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microphone inspired to flameI recently attended a conference where the amazing AllegraMcEvedy was the key note speaker. She was truly inspirational! So much so that despite being first on, she got a standing ovation at 10.30 am!Hearing her speak about the team she has nurtured was an insight into just why she has become so successful.

If you are in a management position, or a role where you inspire others to give of their best, here are a few basic tips which might help:

  • Let people know that what they are doing is valued. Make sure you appreciate and notice their contribution to any project or the day to day running of the business. Say thank you often and mean it. People respond well to praise and not to criticism.
  • Realise that work is only part of the equation in people’s lives. Take an active interest in their careers. If possible give them opportunities to grow and develop their talents.
  • Allow people to make mistakes recognising this is how they learn. Try and engender an attitude of learning from mistakes not blaming. The latter will produce back watching and resentment, the former maybe something truly innovative and exciting!
  • Try and let people have as much as freedom in how they do their work as possible. Autonomy is highly valued and can produce great results.
  • Let people know you too need help from time to time. Be honest when you need help and also ask staff/colleagues if they require a helping hand.

If you have any favourite tips of your own please do share them!


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  1. I couldn’t agree more with this point: ‘People respond well to praise and not to criticism.’ Everyone loves to feel valued and will no doubt perform better at work if they are appreciated!

    Great tips and advice!


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