How to Get Noticed!

The following stats may surprise you; they come from some research Harvey Coleman conducted when he worked at IBM.

He was interested to know how people progressed in organisations, having been unsuccessful several times when applying for promotion. He was told that his work was good but promotion just wasn’t happening.


That’s how much the quality of the work that you actually do counts for! It doesn’t mean that you can give only 10% effort,but that it’s the least significant factor in getting on in the workplace.


This counts for 30%. The image that you choose to project is more significant than the quality of the work you actually do. So it’s worth paying attention to.

Visibility or Exposure

The remaining 60% is attributed to putting yourself out there, being visible. You need to make sure that people know you, know what you do. No hiding of lights under bushels!

How easy is it to get noticed in your organisation? What could you do (or have done) to raise your profile?


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