How Much Influence Do You have?

hands and mugsWhatever your role or status in an organisation, it is possible to expand your sphere of influence.

Pause for a moment and think how far your influence extends. Who do you come into regular contact with? This is one area where smokers often reap rewards as current legislation means smokers have to congregate in one place. I know one person who took up smoking so he could get access to the chief exective who was regularly to be found outside lighting up!

Unhealthy activities aside, where else can you have an infuential voice? Are you a member of a pressure group, a union, a people’s panel, a focus group? Have you volunteered lately to attend any extra meetings? If you attend meetings do you regularly contribute to them? Do you network at conferences, social events, meet others and keep in touch?

Take a few minutes to think of ways that you can extend your sphere of influence, and more importantly , where it would most benefit you to have some more influence!


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