Have a Good Holiday!

If you’re planning a break this summer I hope you have a great time! Unfortunately, I know from my coaching clients (and my own past experiences!) that sometimes holidays cause more stress than relaxation!

Take a few minutes to really think about what it is that YOU want from a holiday, not what you think you ought to want, or what other people think is a good holiday. Be totally honest with yourself. Here are a few tips that may help:

  • If you holiday with others you may have to compromise; if sun sea and sand is the delight of your partner but you love culture and sightseeing, try and agree before you go that time will be made for both. It’s really important to communicate sensitively but honestly about your holiday expectations.
  • Make a list now of what you need to do such as cancel papers, buy cat food, check with bank about credit cards, order currency etc, and tick it off as you go. As you will usually do the same things each holiday, open a holiday folder and keep the list for use every trip that you can revise as necessary.
  • Don’t overpack. I have lugged clothes halfway around the world that never saw the light of day! Be realistic about what you will need. Read the many magazine articles advising what to take and pack accordingly. You’ll feel so smug only having one medium suitcase to haul around!
  • If flying, put spare knickers in your handbag, some wet wipes, and a book, something to entertain any children with you. Expect to be delayed and plan for it!
  • Don’t aproach your guide book as if the most important exam of your life is looming! If you like to know about places in advance, great. Treat the research as part of your relaxation and enjoy the read. But if you miss something, so what? Sometimes just following a path to see where it may lead gives you the best experience.
  • Don’t get stuck into holiday competitions with colleagues. This can work both ways; either the best, most classiest time of everyone competition or the worst travel experiences ever competition! It can add to your anxieties and doesn’t add to your enjoyment.
  • Holidays are a break from the norm to enable you to recharge your batteries. Even if you are spending the time at home, try and build in some special time for yourself. Pretend you are a tourist in your area and look at everything with new eyes. It will refresh and surprise you!

If you’re recently back from a break, this article might help you hang onto that holiday feeling!


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