Give Your Creativity a Quick Boost

Try this very simple exercise next time you find yourself stumped by something.

1) Go to a stationers and buy a beautiful set of coloured crayons. Get the best that you can afford and choose ones that feel good to hold.

2) Next find a mug that you particularly like ,or that has special meaning for you, and pour all your gorgeous multi-coloured pencils into it. You now have a bouquet of colour on your desk. Enjoy it!

3) Next time you feel ‘stuck’ stop trying to solve your problem. Have a glass of water, take a coloured pencil or three and simply doodle on a plain sheet of paper. Try and ‘draw’ whatever your dilemma is. Don’t use any words at all, just doodle. It’s only for your eyes so don’t let any old ideas about not being able to draw spoil this. Just doodle away.

4) Now walk away from your desk or table for at least ten minutes and get some fresh air, particularly if your working environment is air conditioned.

5) Return to your issue and try again.

This simple exercise will help you tap into your subconscious by accessing your creative ‘right’ brain.  You could even just use different coloured pencils to make entries into your diary, when taking phone messages etc. If nothing else it will brighten up your working space but it’ll probably do a whole lot more!

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One Response to “Give Your Creativity a Quick Boost”

  1. Feargus says:

    Good advice, particularly like the crayon bouquet. Like the best advice your blogs are simple and suggested rather than dictated.

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